Personal counselling

Has there been a time when you have feelings that you don’t quite understand, which has left you to feel isolated, helpless and stuck and often wonder why your life is not moving in the direction you want it too. You keep questioning yourself, leaving you to feel more lost and confused.

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore one’s thoughts and feelings to find resources within yourself; so that we can work together to find out what is troubling you.

This can either be past or present events that have taken place in your life at some time, such as serious illnesses, relationship difficulties and abuse. We can then work together to explore those issues for you to start living the quality of life you deserve.

I am a psychodynamic counsellor, which means I work with the unconscious process, linking the past with the present. This could be relationships with parents or others growing up. Some of the questions that may be asked, include:

  • “How is you past influencing your behaviour now?”
  • “What are the underlining beliefs that prevent you from achieving satisfaction?”

As your Therapist I can certainly bring you a trust building relationship, warm presence, confidential space along with empathy and my non- judgemental attitude.

Amount of sessions will depend on the individual and their personal needs to make sure they are met to the highest standard.

As a qualified Therapist, I adhere by the British Association for Counselling and psychotherapists (BACP) Codes of Ethics and good practice.