My Approach

My approach focuses on belief that counselling and psychotherapy is a process which places emphasis upon building a trusting therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client.

This can provide a secure base from which to explore your thoughts, feelings and anxieties.

This will enable you to gain confidence and will enable you to manage your life more effectively. 

As well as exploring present difficulties we can focus on your past to consider how previous experiences might be impacting on your current issues.

Building and maintaining a trusting therapeutic relationship with you is an important part of my work as a counsellor because I want you to feel safe and supported enough to be able to talk about your innermost thoughts and feelings.  I understand that it is not easy to take that first step in coming to counselling, but whatever your difficulty I strive to make you feel welcome and I listen to you with respect.

In times of difficulty and distress it can be easier to talk to somebody who is independent of family, friends or colleagues.  In my role as a counsellor I am not here to tell you what to do, but to support you in drawing on your own inner resources and in finding your own way forward.

In order to do this safely I offer a warm, safe, confidential and comfortable environment.   I offer a non-judgemental attitude and work at your pace, recognising the uniqueness of your individual values, belief system and cultural background. 

This will support you to get beyond negative patterns, to see thing differently and reconnect you to aspects of yourself.

I am a member of The British Association Of Counselling And Psychotherapy and I abide by their ethical framework for good practice, which can be found on the BACP website.